Workshop with Sue Lewis

VAANI organised 2 workshops on pre-primary and primary education from 10th to 13th February for parents and teachers of deaf children. The workshop was conducted by Sue Lewis, a teacher of the deaf who was on the faculty of Oxford University and Manchester University.

Through several movies and video clippings, Sue showed the participants that it was important to involve the parents in the education of their deaf children. The participants enjoyed the workshop and looked forward to more such programmes from VAANI.

As Chitra Dhavle, a teacher from Oral School said, “I may have been in this profession for the last 25 years but we need workshops like these to come up with new ideas and methods. We get so set in our ways that we tend to make our work very monotonous. This workshop has been very rejuvenating for me.”

The participants were given an overview of the TLM Kit (teaching and learning material) produced by VAANI and Umang. VAANI plans to conduct a refresher workshop for the participants of this workshop, where they will also learn to effectively derive the maximum benefit from these well-designed kits.


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