Training for CINI Asha, Kolkata

VAANI conducted a training programme on Screening for Hearing Impairment for trainees from CINI Asha on Saturday, April 18 2009. CINI ASHA is working in urban slums in the Bibi Bagan and Tara Para areas of Kolkata with school and college students who are being trained to maintain medical records for expectant mothers and very young children. They requested VAANI Deaf Children’s Foundation to provide these trainees with basic skills to identify deaf children from the age of 2 years.

Vaani designed a programme with the above objective in view. The topics for the training programme included basic information about deafness, screening procedures, levels of deafness etc. There were 23 participants ranged from students of class VI to students at the M.A. level. It was an interactive session and the trainees were quick to understand the concepts of deafness and its impact on the individual, the milestones that mark hearing development and screening procedures to be used with different age groups. Followup training sessions will be held in May for these trainees where the trainees will practice screening with children. A total of 5 – 6 leaders will be identified from the 2 groups to help reinforce the work in the field.


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