Sensitisation at Modern High School, Kolkata

The VAANI team conducted an awareness programme on deafness for students of class 11 of Modern High School Kolkata. There were approximately 104 students along with 3 teachers present.

The students were informed about the issues that surround childhood deafness. The VAANI team explained how sound helps to formulate language. The fact that deaf children do not have access to sound in the same way as hearing children and the various ways to communicate and interact with them was explained. They were also told about the importance of timely intervention and correct guidance and education throughout the growth process of a deaf child to help them to develop at the same pace as their hearing peers.

Aparupa, a young deaf adult who accompanied the VAANI team, spoke to the students about herself and expressed her experiences while growing up in a hearing school. She spoke to the students through sign language and kept confirming that her audience understood her. The students at Modern High School were very bright and could easily understand what she communicated with the use of ISL. Aparupa made an interesting point – hearing people see and hear things from their surroundings and then comprehend it in their minds. Children with hearing impairment see things and then comprehend things in their mind. Aparupa taught the girls few basic signs which the girls picked up very fast and they enjoyed the activity very much. It was also a learning experience for Aparupa who was amazed by how easily she could communicate with hearing children. The VAANI team felt very welcomed by the school.


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