World Deaf Week 2009

World deaf week 09

The last week in September from 24th Sept. to 30th Sept is traditionally celebrated as World Deaf Week . VAANI, Deaf Children’s Foundation hoped to bring issues around deafness to the forefront during this week with various activities planned to raise the awareness of the general public.

Posters were put up in some prominent stores including Fabindia and Tanz in Guwahati and Reynolds and Kathleens in Kolkata. Bookmarks stressing on the importance of communication for young deaf children were distributed during the week. The response from Sarala Birla School, where the VAANI team had earlier conducted an awareness programme, was heartening.

The School put up six sets of posters and on 22nd the students’ group ‘Dhwani’ demonstrated the signs ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Thank You’ during the school assembly and the whole school used these signs during the week. On 22nd they also read out a case story about one of the deaf children from VAANI’s projects. On 23rd a section from the VAANI newsletter Lakshana was read out during the morning assembly. This section was from an article by Debapriya, a young deaf adult who shared her experiences as a deaf child in a regular school.Dhwani will promote the sale of the bookmarks during their Diwali Mela on the 10th October 09.


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