Paul Zerdin performs for VAANI

Paul Zerdin, an internationally acclaimed ventriloquist, performed at the Calcutta Cricket and Football Club in Kolkata on the 11th of October. The show was introduced by Papa CJ who has been a part of comedy festival in South Africa and made it to the top 10 of NBC’s ‘Last Comic Standing’. The show was organised by Line Communications in aid of VAANI Deaf Children’s Foundation.

Paul zerdin
Paul Zerdin who has played to packed audiences in Las Vegas, Cape Town, Shanghai, Beijing and the UK kept the 200 people in the audience in splits. His intelligent humor and wit left the crowd wanting more.

Mrs Crishna made an announcement introducing VAANI and telling people to bear in mind that a large number of deaf children in our country miss out on jokes and humor. Laughter and good jokes are the simple things in life that make us happy and there exists a marginalized group of children who cannot be a part it. A short film on VAANI made by Line Communications was screened. At the end of the evening people were asked to lend their support to VAANI’s projects. A lot of people came up and said they appreciated the show and would like to support VAANI. This event created huge awareness for VAANI.


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