Evening for a cause in Guwahati

To raise financial support for its activities, VAANI organised an “Evening for a cause’ in Guwahati on December 11, 2009 at the Gymkhana Club.

Evening for a cause


Over 250 people invitees attended the party which started off with music by the young band Voodoo Child. The party was interrupted for half an hour in the middle of the evening and VAANI’s Programmes Officer addressed the gathering. She spoke about issues around childhood deafness and VAANI’s activities. Many in the crowd were moved on hearing for the first time about the isolation that a deaf child feels. The attendees, who had contributed generously to VAANI’s projects were made more aware of the requirements of deaf children and the need of effective communication in their life.
The Chief Guest Mr.A.K.Phookan, Advocate General of Assam, congratulated the VAANI team for the evening and wished VAANI all the best in carrying on the good work. Rittique, the young singer with Voodoo Club said ,“I would like to do something special for the evening because it was not like any other evening. It is a very special evening because it is for a special cause.“ VAANI looks forward to more such successful fundraisers in the future too.


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