Northeast Projects – July 2010

Training Programmes in the Northeast


A parents training programme was conducted from July 7 to 11 as a follow up of the training programme conducted in the month of April 2010. About 22 parents and 10 children came for the programme. Apart from the follow up, new concepts of calendar work and pre maths skills were introduced. The parents were taught signs of the calendar by our deaf role model. This training programme took place in the Dimoria block of Assam.

Most of the parents after the pragramme decided that they would try to meet up once a month to share and discuss about their experiences. They realized that it is very important for their children to know about the calendar concept because it is a basic knowledge which every child should have.

A training programme was conducted between July 11 to 14 by our VAANI consultant in Swabalambi which is our partner organisation in the Dimoria Block of Assam. 10 CBR workers along with 12 parents and 10 children attended the programme. The objective was to train the CBR workers to prepare Individual Education Plan for each child. The IEP targets those areas on which the child needs to improve and the CBR worker would later visit the child’s home at particular interval and address those areas.


26 parents attended a training programme conducted in School and Centre for the Hearing Handicapped Children in Shillong, Meghalaya from July 19 to 20. The programme aimed at training the parents on how they can help their children at home in their studies. In this programme it was also emphasized that parents play a crucial role in the development of communication ability in their children


A training programme was conducted in Spastic Society of Mizoram in Aizwal from July 19 to 30, and about 27 parents attended the programme. It was organised in such a manner that each day two to three parents attended the training for 2 hours and besides parents, caregivers who are directly involved the children also came for the program. The topics of the training programme revolved around techniques to be used to teach a child at home, how to make teaching learning materials, how to use the text books to teach the child and inputs on sign language that are currently used.

A Training cum Workshop programme for Anganwadi Workers was held at FIWDC Conference Hall on 27th  July. The training for 25 participants was facilitated by Miss Margaret Lalnunsiami, Training Co-ordinator, VAANI and Miss Mafeli, Resource Person from Gilead Special School, Spastic Society of Mizoram.


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