West Bengal Projects – July 2010

Resource Centres:

Educational Intervention at the resource centres in Wards 56, 62 and 65 have been going on smoothly and the response from the 10 deaf children undergoing this training has been positive. The teachers of the deaf and the parents are quite happy with their developmental and learning progress.

Arnab Indian Sign Language (ISL) Teacher and Deaf Role Model have conducted 4 sessions on ISL for the >KMPStaff.

Parent Feedback Session-14th July, 2010

A parent’s feedback session for the 10 children attending the resource centre was held on the 14th of the July, 2010.

The programme was well received and we were happy with the outcome.

The programme helped parents address their children’s disability. The parent’s positive response to VAANI’s training intervention was encouraging.

KMP Screening Camp 5- Ward 59 was held on the 26th of July, 2010. 40 children were screened and 5 have been short listed for educational intervention, 3 for early stimulation and pre-learning skills and 2 for ENT intervention.

Pandua Pratibandhi Kalyan Samity (PPKS):

The 2nd Monitoring and Evaluation programme for PPKS took place on the 30th of July, 2010. Sreela Bose, Technical Consultant conducted the monitoring with help from Inky Sen, Programmes Manager and Ajita Gohain, State Programmes Officer-North East. Ranjeeta Roy, Family Counsellor, had an informal interactive session with parents and children.

The parents, children and teachers were reviewed on the training content and methodology delivered the previous month.


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