West Bengal Projects – August 2010

1) Independence Day related celebrations at KMP:

The entire week before Independence Day was dedicated to learning about freedom fighters, the freedom movement and the national flag. Older children were shown pictures of freedom fighters and retold stories from the independence history and younger children were taught to draw the tri-colour.


2) Early Stimulation & Pre-Learning Training for KMP staff-16th August, 2010.

This session was conducted by the technical team, VAANI and was aimed at equipping the Resource Teachers to expand their skills in creating curriculum for development of communication, Language & speech for pre school deaf children.

3) KMP Parents Support Session 1-17th August, 2010.

Despite the programme falling during the one month of Roja leading to Eid, we had a good attendance of parents. 14 parents attended Ranjeeta’s interactive session and we received very good feedback for the programme.

4) Planning and Follow up of IEP & Early Stimulation & Pre-Learning-23rd    August,  2010

The first half of the session covered the following:

  • What is screening?
  • Who should be screened?
  • What is the objective of screening?
  • Normal responses to sound
  • “At risk” features

The second half of the session covered the following:

  • Demonstration of age appropriate screening tests
  • The Auropalpebral Reflex
  • The Distraction Test
  • The Co-operative Test
  • The Performance test

5) Celebration of Raksha Bandhan-24th August, 2010.

KMP decided to celebrate Raksha Bandhan by going around the community and thanking everyone who has supported their project.

Rakhis were tied on Ward Councillors and Ward office workers, local Club Presidents and members, parents and SSA workers. This also acted as an awareness programme for the community we went into.

3 children from the project along with the Resource persons, Teachers and Community Mobilisers went around tying the rakhis. They stopped by the VAANI Head Office as well and tied rakhis for the entire team. It was a very sweet and uplifting gesture.

6) Awareness Programme-Ward 65-26th August, 2010.

The awareness programme was held in the Resource centre Ward 65. It was conducted by Avijit Naskar, Resource Person, KMP. We had 13 parents and

13 children attending. The objective of the session was –

  • causes of deafness(pre-natal and post natal )
  • early identification
  • prevention of deafness
  • precautions

The session was well received and the first of its kind for many parents.

7) KMP Screening Camp 6 Ward 62- 30th August, 2010.

33 children were screened and 9 have been short listed for educational intervention and 22 for ENT intervention.

8) KMP Parents Support Programme 2A – 31st August, 2010.

This Parents Support Programme was conducted through home visits. Session 2A was for Ward 65.


The third 3-day Training Programme was conducted on the 6th, 8th and 9th of August, 2010. The aim of this programme was to introduce and teach the Individual Educational Plan (IEP) to teachers, assess the children and draw up the plan for implementation buy teachers and parents. Ranjeeta, Family Counsellor, VAANI met the PPKS parents in two groups at a PPKS Parent Support Session and was able to connect with them and tell them about the importance of parental intervention the child’s educational and emotional development. The session involved a lot of talking, listening, empathising, and rejoicing and sharing. Children from PPKS came with their coordinator to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with the VAANI team in Kolkata.


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