Kankan Bhuyan

Kankan Bhuyan is a little 5 year-old boy who studies in pre-primary 1 in L P School in Malaibari.


He is a shy boy who likes to stay close to his mother most of the time, but at the same time he is curious about things around him. He has recently started going to school. The father is a farmer by profession and the mother is a house wife. When at the age of 3 years Kankan didn’t speak more than two words, the parents took him for a check up to Guahati Medical College Hospital where they found out that their child is deaf. The doctor then recommended hearing aids.

He has a vocabulary of only a couple of words. He communicates mainly through gestures. It was found through a screening camp organized by VAANI in May 2010 that he is suffering from Bilateral Profound Hearing Loss.

Kankan attended a VAANI workshop and was evaluated on concepts such as color, fruits, animals, body parts, dress, school items and numbers. By the end of the workshop he was able to describe, animals, body parts, dress and school object through gesture. He was able to match picture to picture and picture to object.

VAANI continues to work with Kankan and other children like him, with very satisfying results.


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