West Bengal Projects in November 2010

The Kolkata Metro Project:

It has been a very busy month at the KMP. Three sessions on Indian Sign Language have been conducted for the KMP Staff this month. The KMP staff is busy assisting the children we work with to get Disability cards. 6 children from Wards 62 and 65, with their parents, were taken to Calcutta Medical College and Hospital for ENT tests.

Storytelling is an excellent way to initiate and build on communication skills. A training session on language development through story telling for KMP Staff was conducted on the 9th of November, 2010.

An up-skilling workshop for KMP staff was held on the 11th of November, 2010 by the family counsellor. This programme was to help the staff understand their roles when it came to working with the families of deaf children.

3 Screening Camps were held for Wards 56, 59 and 62 were held on the 23rd, 25th and 30th of November, 2010.  In the first camp, out of 54 children who were tested, 35 had normal hearing, 16-ENT cases and 2 with minimal to mild hearing loss.

in the second camp, there were 56 ENT related cases found and18 normal hearing cases. 174 children were screened and 50 parents attended the third camp. 2 children with mild conductive hearing loss were identified, 29 ENT related cases were identified and142 children had normal hearing.

Pandua Pratibandhi Kalyan Samity (PPKS)

An evaluation of the performances of 6 children, 4 parents and 6 teachers at PPKS took place on the 24th of November, 2010. The purpose of the evaluation was an assessment of how much the child had progressed, how well the parents were able to interact and communicate with the child and the techniques that the teachers were using.


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