The mother-child bond : Deepa and Indranil Ghosh

Indranil with his Mother

Indranil is a bright 9 year old who loves to talk to his friends and help his mother learn Sign language along with him. He participates in every activity during training and he loves using his hearing aids. Such is his love for hearing, that as soon as he senses that the batteries are running low, he gets anxious and drives his mother up the wall to get them replaced.

His mother accompanies him to every training workshop and puts in a lot of effort to be able to communicate with him better. Since Indranil and his mother have started attending the trainings given by VAANI from 2010, communication between them has improved by leaps and bounds. “Now I understand everything he says”, says the proud mother.

Indranil used to cry like other babies when he was born and so his parents never thought about him being deaf. His maternal uncle was the first one to identify that he might have trouble with hearing when he was one and half years old. Indranil’s uncle kept blowing the horns of his motorbike and little Indranil, sitting right there, did not react at all to the sounds. It was then that he advised his sister to take the boy to an ENT specialist. The diagnosis showed that Indranil is deaf in his right ear but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying cartoon shows on TV or playing cricket with his friends.

Indranil is a friendly and expressive child. He makes it a point to share every little detail of his weekly classes with his friends and cousins at home.


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