VAANI reaches out to the teachers of Loreto Day School Sealdah

Teaching the teachers how to administer a simple screening test

VAANI organised an awareness programme for 31 teachers at Loreto Day School on childhood deafness and how teachers, as primary caregivers in school can play an important role in helping a deaf child cope with the education system. VAANI’s technical consultant Ms. Sreela Bose spoke to the teachers about why VAANI works with deafness in children and how early intervention can make a lot of difference in a deaf child’s life. The invisibility of deafness stood out as a stark reality for the teachers as they realised how unaware one tends to be about deafness just because it is the ‘invisible handicap’. Sreela’s session also covered important topics like defining hearing impairment and the challenges of being deaf. She ended her session by teaching the teachers a simple screening test that can be administered by them to check if a child has hearing impairment.

Sundeep Kothari, VAANI’s training assistant took over and spoke to the teachers about he lived with his hearing impairment. Sundeep is profoundly deaf and he shared his achievements with the teachers who applauded his efforts. The teachers interacted with Sundeep and asked him a lot of questions.

The involvement and interest shown by the teachers of the school was encouraging for VAANI. The session ended with the teachers expressing a desire to be part of more such sessions on deafness and children to know more about the cause and support it better.


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