How VAANI made a difference…

Three stories about three deaf children whose parents attended workshops conducted by VAANI and how it impacted their lives, their communication and the bond that they share.

The Story of Aditi:

Aditi Nath’s parents came to know about her hearing loss when she was three and a half years old. Her father, Lakheswar Nath and her mother, Gita Nath, suspect that she lost her hearing due to an ear infection that they took lightly.  At present, Aditi is studying in Pre-Primary II of the Government Deaf and Dumb School. Her Audiometry test conducted by VAANI at the Nightingale Hospital, Guwahati revealed that she has Bilateral Profound Hearing Loss.

Aditi’s mother has attended four training sessions conducted by VAANI, and has used the techniques of activity and play that were taught in the four sessions. She has achieved much from the trainings related to strategies of communication, pre-reading and writing skills, techniques of teaching mathematics, language development through news reading, working with the calendar and development of teaching learning materials.

Aditi’s communication skills have improved a lot and so has her stock of words. Her mother attends all the VAANI trainings and hopes to continue to do so in the future so that she can help bring communication into her child’s life.

The Story of Dipjyoti:

Dipjyoti Sutradhar is all of eight years old and studies in the Government Deaf School in Kahilipara, Guwahati, Assam. When he was seven months there was a loud noise outside the house. Dipjyoti did not react to the sound at all. It was then that his mother suspected a hearing problem in him. He was taken to the hospital immediately, where audiological tests proved that he is deaf.

Dipjyoti’s mother said that she suffered from a bout of measles during the second month of her pregnancy and she fears that the illness could be the reason of her child’s deafness. He has been advised to take hearing aids but the economic condition of the family has not allowed them to buy it.

Dipjyoti’s mother attitude towards the social and emotional needs of her child underwent a sea-change once she attended one of VAANI’s workshops. She has realised that her child has certain needs that she wasn’t even aware of. Because of this disconnect, she used to find it very difficult to communicate with her child. And this gap in communication made it extremely difficult for her to teach her child as well.

However, after attending the workshop, she has gained a lot of insights. She says that she has realised that she should initiate the process of teaching her child the names of common things, like things he sees around the house. Dipjyoti’s mother hopes to attend all future training workshops conducted by VAANI as attending one workshop has motivated her a lot.

The Story of Rishikesh:

13 year old Rishikesh is an active child with many a dream in his eyes. The creative mind that he is, he loves drawing. He studies in the Government Deaf School in Kahilipara, Guwahati, Assam. Rishikesh has a sister who is also deaf.

When one year old Rishikesh did not respond to the sound of his uncle’s bike and it’s horn, his mother suspected his deafness. After that his family took him to the Guwahati Medical College, where he was advised to wear hearing aids and undergo speech therapy. The financial condition of the family did not allow them to arrange for his speech therapy.

Rishikesh’s mother says that she is under a lot of stress and emotional anxiety as both of her children are deaf. Only after attending a workshop organised by VAANI has she realised that no matter what happens, she must keep communicating with both her children.

The workshop she attended made Rishikesh’s mother realise that there are ways to bridge the communication gap between her and her children. She says the activities of the workshop have helped her release her tension and made her laugh freely after many years. VAANI has opened up channels for her to connect to her children, and she is going to implement all her learning in communicating with them.


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