World Deaf Week Celebrations 2011

World Deaf Week is celebrated worldwide usually in the last week of September. The World Federation of the Deaf works in tandem with the United Nations during this week, and seminars and awareness programmes are initiated to iron out some of the crucial problems faced by the deaf.

The World Deaf Week is an opportunity for the Deaf to:

  • Celebrate their community, language, culture and history
  • Make the public aware of their local, state and national communities
  • Recognise their achievements

This week also increases solidarity among deaf people and their supporters, and is used as a time to stimulate greater efforts to promote the rights of deaf people throughout the world.

VAANI, Deaf Children’s Foundation observes World Deaf Week every year with the objective of celebrating the bond between the deaf children we work with and their families, spreading awareness about this invisible handicap among the wider community and building the capacity of the professionals who work in this field.

This year, VAANI and our partners will be observing World Deaf Week from 24th – 30th September. The theme for the activities planned during the week is ‘Let us communicate in any way we can’.

VAANI believes that communication between deaf children and their families, their peers and their teachers is of prime importance, and all activities planned during this week will stress on different means of communication with deaf children. Deaf children can communicate through speech, sign language, lip-reading, gestures or even body language. Whatever be the mode, it is important that deaf children are able to share their thoughts and feelings with others. This is important for the social and emotional development of the child and this is what we will highlight through all the activities planned for this week.


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