VAANI Activities in the East – September 2011

Capacity Building Workshop

8 – 10 September 2011

Training for CBR workers took place during the first week of September in Hazaribagh with 28 CBR workers of our partner organization Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra (NBJK). The topic of the workshop was writing, reading and ISL.


Screening Camps in West Bengal

Screening Camp I | 9 September 2011 | Place: Ward no 59

Screening Camp II | 23 September 2011 | Place: Ward no 62

Two screening camps were organised by the Kolkata Metro Project where a total of 61 children were registered and checked by an ENT specialist.


Parents’ Training Workshops in Jharkhand

Workshop I:

12 – 13 September 2011 | Place: Hazaribagh

Number of Participants – 28 parents (8 of the participants had deaf children)

Workshop II:

14 – 15 September 2011 | Place: Dumka

Number of Participants – 25 parents (11 of the participants had deaf children)

The workshops were held in association with our partner organisation Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra in Jharkhand. The topic of the workshop was speech and communication and Indian Sign Language. This session was conducted by VAANI’s consultant, Binota Acharya. There was also a session on preparation for formation of parents group which was conducted by Inky Sen, Training Manager, VAANI. The deaf role model for the sessions was Priyanka Ghosh, who took a session on Indian Sign Lamguage.


Parents’ Training Workshops in West Bengal

Workshop I:

16 September 2011 | Place: Pandua |Number of Participants – 18 parents 

Workshop II:

19 September 2011 | Place: Pandua | Number of Participants – 18 parents 

Two parents’ training workshops were held by our partner organisation Pandua Pratibandhi Kalyan Samiti in Pandua. The first workshop was based on the concept on speech organs, speech and communication and making of word-lists; and the second workshop was based on story telling for communication.


Celebrating World Deaf Week:

26 September 2011 | Family Day in West Bengal

On the bright sunny morning just the day before Mahalaya, as the City of Joy geared up to immerse itself into the festive mood, VAANI, Deaf Children’s Foundation hosted Family Day for around 100 deaf children and their families.

28 September 2011 | Mime Shows at the Kolkata Metro Project in West Bengal

2 street plays were performed by Sundeep Kothary and his mime group in 2 places.

One performance was near the market on Alimuddin street in Ward 62, and the other was y was near the Park Circus Railway Station. The mime shows attracted a lot of crowd and gathered a lot of appreciation from the onlookers. These mime shows were held to spread awareness about childhood deafness during the celebrations of World Deaf Week by VAANI.

30 September 2011 | Awareness and Sensitisation Workshop in Jharkhand

An awareness and sensitisation workshop on with Disabled People’s Organisation in Hazaribagh, on account of World Deaf Week.


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