How Mizoram Celebrated World Deaf Week 2011

Ferrando Integrated Women Development Centre and Spastic Society of Mizoram jointly observed the World Deaf Week in Mizoram with VAANI’s support through a variety of programmes organised throughout the week at different levels to create greater impact and awareness among the general population.

Talk show in ZONET Television channel.

A Talk Show was organized on Zonet TV Channel by FIWDC and Spastic Society of Mizoram highlighting the issues and problems that the deaf children and their families face in their daily lives. Mr. R.K Lallianzuala the manager of the TV cable  expressed in his introduction that this is the first of its kind in Mizoram and congratulated VAANI and its partners in Mizoram for the noble and courageous steps they take for the welfare of the deaf children in Mizoram. It was telecast more than once on the 29th and 30th of September, 2011.

Representatives from various Government Departments such as Social Welfare, Transport, SSA, SCERT, NIOH participated in the talk show along with organizations like the City Bus Drivers Association, Taxi drivers association, the Mizoram Journalist Association, Magistrates, Church leaders, CBR staff as well as few parents of the Deaf Children.

The Talk Show lasted for an hour with every one present expressing their responsibilities, and concern towards the deaf children and other disability issues.

The Impact of the programme:

  • People of Mizoram came to know that there is a ‘Deaf Awareness Week’ being observed across the country.
  • The message “Let us communicate in any way we can” and the importance of communication went across the state in Mizoram
  • Transport Department and Traffic Police are aware of their roles and responsibilities towards the deaf persons.
  • Better network among the Government Department and the NGOs was evolved.
  • FIWDC and SSoM have learnt to network and for a common cause.
  • The media was sensitized on the importance of taking up the issues of the deafness.
    • The Cable TV Staff are aware of social issues concerning deafness and its implications on children and the important role of media in supporting their causes.

Discussion on the All India Radio

A discussion was held at All India Radio on the 29th of September 2011 on deafness and its implications on children and adults on the occasion of the World Deaf week. The participants were Ms. Madini, Principal of Gilead Special School, Mrs Chhingpui of Spastic Society, Sr. Rose Paite, Directress, FIWDC and VAANI Coordinators. The discussion highlighted on the causes and prevention, diagnosing deafness, treatment and care, education of the deaf children, importance of communication, role of society in dealing with deafness, services available in the state for deaf persons and the significance of World Deaf Week. We are sure radio being the most common medium of communication, the message for the World Deaf Week has reached even in the most interior villages in Mizoram and hundreds of people have become aware on how deafness can be  prevented in children at an early stage, its prevention and causes as well as about various organisations that takes care of the deaf children.

Poster Displays, Printing and Distribution of IEC Materials

Attractive posters conveying messages on the importance of World Deaf Week and conscientising the general public on their duties and responsibilities towards the Deaf children were printed and displayed in the 9 hospitals and in the prominent places like market, highways, etc. Various IEC materials depicting the language of deaf through signs and creating awareness on their issues were printed and distributed in Aizawl city.

Conclusion of World Deaf Week

Street Show:

The conclusion of World Deaf Week was organised as a big event at New Market, Below High Mast, Aizawl on the 30th of October 2011. It was arranged by FIWDC and Spastic Society in collaboration with 23 Sector Assam Rifles, Khatla.

The programme began at 2 PM and was well attended by over 4000 people from the beginning till the end in spite of a few spells of rain in between. Brigadier S P Rawat, SM, DIG 23rd Sector Assam Rifles, Khatla was the Chief Guest.  He was accompanied by a number of high officials of Assam Rifles who attended the programme till the end. He also promised to take the children for a picnic and family day at any occasion.

The chief guest and the people were welcomed by Mrs. Zokhumi Vankung, Chair Person of Spastic Society.

Various cultural programmes like sign language, dance, action song and skit highlighting different social issues were presented by the children of Gilead School and FIWDC conveyed a strong message that deaf children if trained properly and given chances can lead wonderful and normal life like anyone else.

Sr. Rose Paite introduced VAANI and its various activities in Mizoram as well as in other states of India and welcomed the public to join in their efforts to empower the deaf children to be productive and dutiful citizens.

Brigadier S P Rawat in his presidential address appreciated the children for their efforts and said that they are specially-abled children. He greatly appreciated the wonderful performance that the children display on the platform. He also appreciated the services of VAANI towards the deaf children and the challenging tasks of helping even the parents of the deaf.

Professional singers of Mizoram performed musical concerts which was an added attraction to the programme. People all over came to listen the melody of the song but, the message that all have to learn to communicate to the deaf was simultaneously communicated by the MC Ruati in the midst of the programs. The responsibilities of the parents, the role of the society, the importance of sign language, the causes and prevention of deafness were highlighted at every interval of the program.

The programme ended at 5.00 PM with vote of thanks proposed by Ms. Chhingpuii, Secretary, Spastic Society, Mizoram. Refreshments were served to the dignitaries, invitees and the participants. The staff of FIWDC, Spastic Society, parents of the deaf children and friends and well wishers were invited for a common meal with the purpose of creating network and collaboration.


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