VAANI calls for Technical Partnerships in Jharkhand:

VAANI, Deaf Children’s Foundation is an organisation with technical expertise on issues around early childhood deafness.

  • VAANI is the only agency in India that focuses on issues of childhood deafness
  • We emphasise a great deal on building communication amongst deaf children and families

Our commitment is quite simply, access for every deaf child using the means most appropriate for their individual circumstances, so that they can understand, influence and most importantly, participate in the world around them.

VAANI’s role is that of a catalyst.  We believe that it is far more effective to strengthen services that already exist at a grass-roots level, than to set out and create a whole new service-delivery model.

VAANI identifies and partners NGOs working with deaf children in different States across India and builds up the capacity of these organisations by supporting and developing the services they provide. VAANI on its part has been able to build the capacity of professionals i.e. teachers and community based rehabilitation (CBR) workers in each of our partner organisation, so as to provide quality based services to deaf children and their families. Partner organisations on their part agree to work with families of deaf children and are willing to undergo need based   capacity building supports from VAANI, all aiming at improving the quality of life of deaf children within families, schools, the community and in society at large.

The mode of technical partnership that VAANI follows is skill and support driven, rather than grants-driven, and has proved to be more sustainable and replicable.




VAANI’s role in the partnership:

  • VAANI will conduct a situational assessment in collaboration with the partner, estimating the number of deaf children within the partner’s operational area,
  • VAANI’s Technical team will conduct training-needs analysis in conjunction with the partner. This will focus on the skills and attitudes of their staff who are involved’ with deaf children and the capacity, skills and abilities of families and local support systems available.
  • Based on this analysis a training programme for the organisation is worked out, which comprises of a series of workshops for staff and families
  • VAANI will provide a group of Technical Consultants for need-based training with staff, families and local support systems and govt organizations.
  • VAANI hopes to work with a partner for a minimum of 3 years with an initial partnership for one year.

Partner’s responsibility:

  • VAANI’s Partner will be responsible for identification of deaf children, from on-going projects and/or through screening programmes.
  • The Partner will maintain detailed records for all the deaf children identified, and their families, including basic medical information, family details and training undergone through projects. The partner will agree to carry out the training programmes that have been decided upon and ensure that staff is available to follow through with all the training being provided. The staff should be available for exposure visits to other VAANI Partners.
  • The partner will provide the space for the workshops and all workshop-related expenses for their staff members and families of deaf children who are participants. VAANI will provide the resource materials and the consultants.
  • Regular supervisory visits will be conducted by the concerned VAANI team members to partner’s project locations, at a time suitable to both parties, to assess the impact of capacity building initiatives.
  • The partner will identify and appoint one person as VAANI Project Coordinator from within their organization, who can be trained as a master trainer and would coordinate the VAANI programme. The aim is to sustain the programmes for families and professionals. VAANI will develop this Coordinator’s skills and provide initial support. Finally the trained coordinator should have acquired enough skills to continue programmes independently.
  • The partner organization will agree to become a Resource Centre in the field of deafness and share information with other organizations whenever possible.
  • Partner organization will be able take part in developing periodic programme reports, and develop a resource list and map of the programme’s areas of work.
  • o The partner organization will be a member of the “VAANI Partners network’ and the resource persons will be a part of the “VAANI Resource Persons Network’. They will attend annual networking meetings, which will be fixed at a time suitable to all concerned.
  • Partner will provide support to VAANI in conducting the training and other programme level activities and assist in arrangement of such work.

Pre-requites for Partner Selection:

  • Partner Organization must preferably work on disability and deafness. Maintain a  database of deaf children in their project area
  • Partners own a steady linkage with government, major state or district level stakeholders like DDRC, DPO etc.
  • Partners possess a community resource centre or working space.
  • Partners comply to the FCRA  and other norms
  • In case of institutional based schools the partner should be willing to recruit, or already have in their staff, CBR workers for field level home visits and other linkages.
  • Partner will agree to a pre-contract scrutiny of all relevant documents of the Partner organisation, and arrange for field visits by the VAANI team for technical assessment.
  • Partner will maintain a record of a district profile of disability personnel and available services for the deaf children.

If you wish to join our partnership, kindly download and fill in the preliminary checklist below and mail it back to us at the following email addresses by the 12th of November 2011:

Mrs. Brinda Crishna

With a copy to: and

Click here to download the Preliminary Checklist


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