Ahana Sengupta,Our Lady Queen of the Missions – Well Done!

One cool September morning my uncle visited us at our home. We sat in the drawing room and chatted a while. After taking a sip of coffee he said, “I have some bad news.” We waited in silence.

“Saurav and Meena have adopted a child,” he said.

That’s not bad news, I thought.

“The child is deaf,” he said gravely.

We were shocked. “Why?” my mother asked in a hollow voice. My uncle sighed in resignation.

Soon everybody was talking about this – some grieved and some criticized.

“Such children are a burden. Some unfortunate people give birth to such children. Why did they not adopt a normal child?” they asked. I knew thast they had good reason to criticize Saurav and Meena’s decision; but on the brighter side, an orphan would get the opportunity of receiving parents’ love and possibly, a better future.

Her name was Deepanwita. She worked hard, but put up a mediocre performance at the special school she attended. Soon her talent in art was discovered. It started with winning small school-level competitions. However, she climbed the ladder of success rapidly.

Today, I, the ‘normal’ child, am sitting in an office with no love for my job and receiving an ordinary salary. On the other hand, Deepanwita is organising her own art exhibition in Delhi. Deepanwita – the deaf child, the orphan, had remained true to her name and had brought light into her own as well as her parents’ life.


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