Anwesha Biswas, Shri Shikshatayan School – Well Done!

“Thank you”, she said, “What you’ve done for me is way more than anything I could ask for…”, and she closed her eyes for one last time, indulging herself in invigorating death. I walked across the room, reached the door, shut it close behind me, and walked away, with a damp cheek.

My name is Anwesha Biswas, and I am deaf by the ear. I spend every day in rambunctious silence. Yes, I cannot respond to a normal person calling me from a distance. Indeed, random people get rasily irritated by me, as I am unable to communicate with them properly. But after spending fourteen years with my Deafness, I have concluded that my deafness is neither a flaw, nor a drawback. It is a trait, a mere characteristic, that remains unaltered and lasts you a lifetime. Although I am much isolated, different, and PARANOID to most people, I need to make my way through thick and thin and try and be as normal as possible.

Mrs.Benedict was a neighbour from Rajabazar, where we used to live before we shifted to salt lake. She has two sons, who live abroad and a married daughter, currently residing in Chennai. Someone from our deaf community informed me of her being incredibly sick and bedridden. I was devastated, and bought some flowers and took a bus to her place to pay her a visit. She had always been a stubborn old everything, and not very loved. I knocked on her door, her servant opened it. I went in to see, to my utmost astonishment, she was lying there, alone, waiting for a call from universe to die! I slowly approached her, caressed her wrinkled forehead, and kept my flowers by her side. She unfolded her eyelids and saw me standing there. Both of us were silent for some time, and then smiled at each other. “Thank you” she said. “What you’ve done for me is way more than anything I could ask for …especially from a mere neighbour such as yourself! I will forever be indebted to you for your kindness. Goodbye little girl…”

I am trained to read lips and so I was able to follow her. What she said had touched my heart, and I am convinced that what I did touch her’s as well. This proved to me that me being deaf is not the end of the world. Even with my deafness, I can make a difference in a normal person’s life. Yes, I am deaf…So what?


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