Manya Verma, Akshar School – Well Done!

Some people are born deaf, some develop deafness. That does not stop their life. It increases their love for life. Nowadays, they may not have the best chances but they always aim high. I have noticed that people with disabilities are often better at some things than a normal person.

This world has a lot of extraordinary people. Thomas Alva Edison, inventor of the long lasting light bulb. How many of us know that he was deaf? One of the greatest musicians of all time, Ludwig Beethoven, was deaf. Yet he wrote some of the most beautiful pieces of all time. Did being deaf stop these people for achieving greatness? I knew a girl once, who went to art classes with me. She drew beautifully, her brush flying on the canvas, making amazing painted pictures. People with disabilities often push themselves the hardest. They overcome every obstacle stopping them from achieving their goal. They treasure what we take for granted. These people make their own opportunities. They dance, do mimes, dramas, art and basically enjoy what they have.

One of my teachers who is deaf, is a whiz on the computer. He also taught mime in our school.

My message to every deaf person is “Do not give up. There is an opportunity for you. Where there is a will, there is a way. Have a strong will to go forward and accomplish something. Whenever you apply for a job or to a new school ask yourself ‘Deaf… So what?”


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