Subhas Mirdha

Subhas is the second child in his nuclear family and has two sisters and a brother. He stays with his parents in Hizla village (Dumka Block, Jharkhand). His father, Manoj Mirdha, is a van puller and earns Rs. 3,000/- (approx.) per month and is the only earning member of the family. Subhas’s mother, Boby Devi, is a home maker and she is also his main caregiver. His elder sister, who is a year elder to him, also takes care of him.

Between three months and six months of age, Subhas had been continuously suffering from fever, which turned into pneumonia when he was six months old. His deafness was identified when he was three years old and his parents were informed about an ear operation. But his parents did not have enough money to make him undergo this operation. Subhas’s parents did not intervene or look into his special need due to lack of awareness and guidance. His disability certificate is still under process and he has not received it yet.

Subhas looks thin and weak, but he is very energetic and enthusiastic. He doesn’t use his hearing aids. He cannot speak much and his main mode of communication is gestures. The only word he can say is ‘papa’. Keeping this in mind, he was trained in lip reading and signing. Subhas now can recognize few words by lip reading.

Ater attending trainings organized by VAANI, Subhas’s mother can see a change in Subhas’s communication skills. She now expects a lot from her son. She wants more and regular trainings on speech and communication. Communication between the parent and child has improved and his mother feels proud that her son has accomplished so much already.

Subhas’s mother wants him to be able to speak one day and be able to communicate with other people.


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