A dream in his mother’s eyes..Rakibul

“My only dream is to see my child develop into a contributing member of society.” said Roshida Khatun mother of Rakibul.

Rakibul is an eight year old deaf child. His father is a teacher in Bongaigaon district. The mother is staying in Kahilipara with her son who is studying in Govt. Deaf School.

The father sadly said that in spite of being a teacher in a school for many years and having taught so many children, he was not able to help his own son in his studies. He said that he had a mind block and didn’t know how to go about teaching a deaf child. In the workshop Rakibul’s mother cried and reinforced similar sentiments. She was very worried and uncertain about the future of her child and was totally lost. Rakibul’s mother said that she has come a long way since the first workshop she attended in the month of April 2010. She said: “At first when I admitted my deaf child to school I thought that the teachers support in the school was enough for my child as I had no knowledge or idea on how to teach my deaf child. I lacked confidence in teaching my own son. But since VAANI came into our life things changed for better. I have attended all workshops that have been conducted by VAANI, and I am now more confident and able to work with my child consistently with what I have learnt through the workshop.

She goes on to say, “I am very happy looking at the language development of my deaf child. Now he has a vocabulary of many fruits, vegetables, animals, body parts, dress, and many more.  Not only that, my child has come first in the class in his annual exam. I now see my child can survive and has a more secure future…… thanks to the support we received from VAANI Deaf Children’s Foundation. My husband and I now realize that the most important thing for us to continue doing is to communicate with our deaf child.”

She now feels empowered to help other parents like herself to support their deaf children. She goes on to say I will be sharing all the information and knowledge that I have received from VAANI with other new parents so that they too can create a better future for their deaf child. To begin with I would like to tell every parent of a deaf child to communicate with their child by teaching them the names and meanings of every object around them and instilling the sense of curiosity in their minds. ”


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