Six year old Sneha

Sneha is a 6 year old girl; she lives in Jagara Village in Nalbari District with her parents Amal and Bina Hazarika.

She is the only child in the family and she has severe hearing loss.

Earlier Sneha used to communicate with her family though gestures and she was very fast in using gestures to communicate. She would get angry when someone did not understand her. At present she is studying in Shankadev Shishu Niketan in Jagara Village.

One and a half year back when the CBR workers from SAROTHI visited her house, they came to know that she was given a hearing aid by the SSA but the parents didn’t take any efforts to make her wear the aid.

When asked why they didn’t use the hearing aid, the mother said “I don’t know what to do with my child. I tried to put the hearing aid but it does not work, I don’t know what will happen to my child in future”. Knowing that the parents were confused, the community workers of Sarothi motivated them to come for a parents’ workshop being conducted by VAANI. During this workshop, key information was being given to the participants on deafness and how to use hearing aids, role of parents and many more. After this, her parents started bringing in Sneha to Sarothi for speech therapy. The mother also started attending parents’ training workshops conducted by VAANI consultants, which according to her, has helped her immensely.

The mother said that she used to feel so helpless earlier that, many a times, she would break down crying not knowing what to do with her child. But now she has become positive and found the path which will help her child develop into a complete individual.

Now Sneha’s parents send her to Sarothi where she is been given speech therapy with the support of her hearing aid and she can now speak words like pani (water), ma, pa, aunt, names of fruits, objects, come, go. She also tries to lip-read and also uses signs to communicate with other people. Her parents are following the concept of total communication with her.


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