VAANI, Deaf Children’s Foundation celebrates Deaf Awareness Week 2012


Deaf Awareness Week is celebrated worldwide usually in the last week of September, with World Deaf Day on the last Saturday in September. VAANI is celebrating Deaf Awareness Week from Sep 24 to Sep 30, 2012 in all the States in which we have projects. The theme for the activities planned during the week is ‘Together we can’.

During this week VAANI will be organising events for deaf children and their families to enjoy themselves. VAANI staff will also be conducting training workshops for families of deaf children, and for professionals who work with deaf children. VAANI will also be spreading awareness about this invisible disability among the wider community.

VAANI believes that communication between deaf children and their families, their peers and their teachers is of prime importance, and all activities planned during this week will stress on different means of communication with deaf children. The importance this year is on coming together to make a difference, creating partnerships and building networks.

Event Details:


In Assam, VAANI is organising a Family Day in Nagaon and Kamrup districts for deaf children and their families from the Government schools. VAANI has been working with the SSA in Assam, and is happy to have this opportunity to provide a fun-filled day to the deaf students and their parents. Our local partner organisation Swabalambi will also be participating in the Family Day at Kamrup.

Family Days are also being organised during this week in Shillong and Massar through VAANI partner School and Centre for the Hearing Handicapped, and in Mizoram through VAANI Partner Ferrando Integrated Women Development Centre – Peace Home (FIWDC).

In Kolkata, VAANI will be celebrating DAW by taking deaf children and families for a Family Day at the Alipore Zoo.

A group of deaf children and their families will also be celebrating Family Day on 24 Sep in Siliguri.

Concept of Family Day:

A large section of parents of deaf children do not learn to communicate with their deaf children. VAANI organises a Family Day annually, as an opportunity for deaf children to bond with their parents, leave their worries behind, and have fun together. It is also a platform for parents of deaf children to share their experiences and connect with each other.


Training workshops have been organised for parents of deaf children during the week in Jharkhand through our partners Sinduartola Gramodaya Vikas Vidyalaya (SGVV) and Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra (NBJK).


Two representatives from each VAANI partner in the East will be coming together on 24 September for 2 days of interaction with each other at an annual Partners’ Meet.


A group of parents of deaf children will be meeting on 29 Sep for a session on the need for networking and the formation of support groups to help them in bringing up their deaf children. Over 100 participants are expected to attend this meeting.


VAANI partner Sarothi is organising a painting competition with an exhibition of art by a deaf youth Animesh. This will be followed by a talk on deafness and awareness.

Awareness activities including a Street Show have been planned by VAANI  partner Spastic Society of Mizoram (SSOM) and FIWDC.


Celebrate Deaf Awareness Week with VAANI!

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