VAANI is looking for a Resource Mobilisation Officer

Job Description:

You would be a professional from the Corporate sector who would like to make a shift to working in the development sector, using your prior work experience to guide VAANI in its Resource Mobilisation efforts, or you would be a professional with experience in the NGO sector in the field of communication and resource management.

Networking with Corporate:

  1. Make and maintain contact with Corporates and make them familiar with VAANI, Deaf Children’s Foundation, our services, our USP
  2. Make presentations to companies and distribute VAANI information
  3. Organise activities to establish Brand VAANI that will be noticed by companies
  4. Identify social responsibility causes with different companies where VAANI can be the extension of their CSR.
  5. Identify and create a database of Corporate Bodies for resource mobilisation by developing a relationship within the companies for sponsorship of projects or contribute towards other expenses of the organisation for e.g. publication of training material
  6. Explore possible payroll-giving and other long term support options among identified Corporates

Build PR and Online Presence

  1. Liaise with Media and create responsible PR in the media to establish VAANI’s aims and vision
  2. Identify and source communities and conversations in the digital space for Vaani – like Twitter or facebook to create awareness
  3. Identify digital companies who will be able to regularly refresh our website

Develop and Manage Friends of VAANI and Ambassadors of VAANI:

  1. Solicit new Friends and Ambassadors of VAANI
  2. Help with organising networking events to acquire new Friends and meet current Friends, and to generate additional support
  3. Organise the information to be provided on a regular basis to Friends and Ambassadors

Fundraising opportunities:

  1. Maintain contact with potential donors to explore income-generating tie-up opportunities
  2. Coordinate fundraising events – handle all liaison work for any fundraising event and ensuring the event’s success. Including scouting for sponsors for all or part of each event, identifying and contacting the target audience for each of these events
  3. Represent VAANI in fundraising events and in other Corporate events which have a potential for income-generation

Communication and information dissemination:

  1. Coordinate VAANI’s publications for Corporate organisations and FOV – Annual Reports, newsletters, emailers
  2. Coordinate the creation and update of content for VAANI’s website, blog and other social networking media
  3. Coordinate the production of training and awareness films

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