7th OGUNTE Women’s Social Leadership Awards 2013

Kolkata-based Brinda Crishna, Chairperson of VAANI, Deaf Children’s Foundation has been shortlisted as one of the 9 finalists for the 7th OGUNTE Women’s Social Leadership Awards 2013, the only finalist from Asia.

These Awards recognise women in the UK and abroad who are influential leaders, connectors, campaigners and social entrepreneurs, who offer innovative and sustainable solutions to pressing social issues, and can evidence their social impact.

The Women’s Social Leadership Awards were set up in 2007 to recognise the achievements and resilience of women using innovative and bold solutions to solve social and environmental issues.

Brinda is one of 3 finalists in the ‘Leader in Campaigns and Charitable Organisations’ category. The category emphasizes the work of “a woman whose charitable organisation /not-for-profit / campaign / network has made waves and changed people’s lives.”

The Women’s Social Leadership Awards Ceremony will take place on June 4th 2013 at OLSWANG in Central London.

Brinda founded VAANI, Deaf Children’s Foundation in 2005 as a registered Trust which works towards bringing language and communication into the lives of deaf children and their families across India. 

It exists as a platform for deaf children and their families to make themselves heard.

As ‘a one of its kind’ NGO, VAANI is the only national-level agency in India that focuses on parental involvement and other issues around childhood deafness. 

Brinda states that the vision of VAANI is “to advocate for the right of every deaf child to a full and complete life with respect and dignity”.

She believes that the organisation’s mission is “to promote the entitlement of every deaf child to total and complete access to communication, education, protection and personal safety, equity and equality in all spheres and information and knowledge to reach his or her full potential as an individual and member of society.”

Ogunte calls for THE PEOPLE’S VOTE

Anyone can log on and vote, telling the judges why an individual woman deserves to win. Poll closes on 15 May.

Log onto: https://ogunte.wufoo.com/forms/m7x3s5/

Last year’s winners received exposure, insights, coaching, connections, media opportunities and high value peer-to-peer mentoring.


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