Bringing Communication Into A Deaf Child’s Life

Twelve year-old Shayon has travelled three hours by bus with his mother Pinky, to the resource centre run by VAANI. . They do this once a week because both of them want to learn something new and bridge the communication gap between themselves and Shayon’s family.

Attending this ‘special centre’ for several months, Shayon has now learnt to understand his mother well through her gestures and actions.

Shayan is a profoundly deaf child and suffers from multiple disabilities too.

VAANI, Deaf Children’s Foundation serves as a platform for children like Shayon and hundreds of others across India, and their families, to make themselves heard.

A registered trust, VAANI was created with the aim of bringing communication to the lives of deaf children and their families with a vision to enable access to every deaf child in India.

Pinky discovered Shayon’s disability at the age of four. Earlier she could not understand why her child behaved differently as he would turn around and look everywhere, but at her, whenever she called his name.

It was more than an urge to help her child which brought her to VAANI . It was the desire to bring communication into all their lives!

Today after almost a year Shayon has learnt signing, languages, mathematics and also does a lot of reading.

Pinky feels that bringing Shayon to VAANI’s resource centre at CHIP (Child in Pain) house, in Tangra, was like entering ‘an open door’ with her ‘ closed hopes’.

Has Shayon progressed? This can be answered from the fact that he initially attended these special classes four days a week, but since the last two months he only comes in once a week!

Pinky is delighted that now Shayon can ‘communicate’ with her and also with his younger brother who can understand him well. Both of them play outdoor games together!

Pinky will be attending the parent’s skills training session being organised by VAANI to pick up important tools of teaching deaf children with which she can contribute to her son’s further development, and can also support mothers of other deaf children like Shayon.

-By Komal Sheth, Intern (Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, UG, Pune)


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