Two deaf children, mother remains optimistic

Raziya gave birth to a beautiful daughter only to realize that she would not react to sound. When the baby was kept in her crib, even though a huge pile of vessels would fall down on the floor just beside the crib, creating a huge clutter, the infant just wouldn’t cry! This worried Raziya , who took her baby to the doctor. The baby was identified as being profoundly deaf.
Sahani is not only deaf but also suffers from a blockage in her heart. Her brother Mohin also has the same disability, but their mother Raziya is not a quitter.
‘There is always a way for everybody’ says Raziya, who came in search of VAANI and her children there.
Raziya says that even though both her children are deaf they are blessed with intelligence and they are good at school. She says VAANI has helped sharpen their reading skills as well as their vocabulary and phonetics and that now there is no looking back in their progress.
‘When God takes away something he blesses you with something else’ Raziya adds. This is the optimism of a mother who has two deaf children and refuses to be a pessimist in life!
Raziya shared her story with us At the CHIP House (Child in Pain) resource center of VAANI, Deaf Children’s Foundation.
Today Raziya plays an active role in encouraging other parents to bring their kids to the VAANI center located in various places.


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