Winning Slowly But Steadily: Mohmmad Sheikh Fardeen


Fardeen is a young boy whose mother Runa Bibi refused to accept that her child was deaf.

In fact her conviction of her son being normal was so strong that she sent him to a mainstream school just like other children. Unfortunately he could only continue there till grade four and then lost track of what was being taught at school. 

He didn’t find studies interesting anymore because he could never understand what the teacher was teaching him.  He hated going to a ‘normal school’ because he had no friends.

Fardeen’s is not a solitary case as most parents of deaf children refuse to accept that their kids are deaf. This leads to severe emotional and behavioral changes in deaf children who are not able to cope with family expectations.

Runa slowly understood her son’s dilemma and took him to a school called Qazi Nazrul where she received information about VAANI.

She realized that her son needed guidance to be able to fulfill his daily needs and communicate effectively with her and other family members

When VAANI took Fardeen under its wings, a medical checkup showed that he had been deaf since the age of six, when he suffered from malaria and later diarrhea too.

He was unable to count even till thirty, could not read and definitely did not know how to speak. From grade four he got demoted to grade one in the Calcutta Deaf and Dumb School and VAANI began working with him at its resource center.

Today after almost a year he has been re-promoted to the third grade and he can read, write, count and answer logical questions as well.

His mother is more than happy that he is going to win the race ‘slowly and steadily!’  

-Komal Sheth, Intern (Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, UG, Pune)


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