Deaf Awareness Week: Family Day Out Updates from East India

Sindurtola Gramodaya Vikas Vidyalaya (SGVV): An outing at the Birsa Zoological Gardens, Ranchi. 19 families with 3 community workers participated.

Banawasi Vikash Ashram (BVA): An outing to Madhupur with children and their families.

Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra (NBJK), Hazaribagh: A Family day outing for 20 children and their families along with 6 staff members held at Swarna Jayanti Park (Cafeteria) in Hazaribagh.

Pandua Pratibandhi Kalayan Samiti (PPKS) and Kolkata Metro Project: A joint family picnic parents and deaf children of the PPKs and KMP was held at Rabiya Marriage House, Pandua.

Children of 95 families had the most enjoyable day of the year! PPKS invited designated Government officials of the block like the Bock Welfare Officer, CDPO, ICDS supervisor and school teachers.

There were games like toffee race, lemon, balloon race, know your parent by touch, paper dance for parents and children and a tug of war for parents conducted.

For more pictures of the various events click here:


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