Nicholaus’ Kolkata Visit


Recently our Communication Officer and Deaf Role Model, Nicholaus Nero, visited our centers in Kolkata. Twenty-five year old Nicholaus was born deaf with profound sensorineural hearing loss above 95%. But that didn’t stop him from chasing his dreams. He has a BA Degree from Christ University, majoring in English, Psychology and Performing Arts. He completed his 12th from St Joseph’s with Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Computers. He is a National Level Salsa Champion, Go-karting and roller-skating champion, and can even fly a microlight aircraft! Aside from his talent and penchant for these things, what he has that most deaf children don’t, is focused and persevering parents. They provided him with all the support that he needed early in his life to see that he could achieve everything that he wanted to with confidence and flair, despite of his disability.

Nicholaus recently visited our Sadhan Resource Centers in Kolkata and his is what he had to say:

“I got in touch with Sovan and fixed a time to visit the Sadhan Resource center at 2:00 PM. When I walked inside I had my breath taken away when I saw so many deaf children being lectured and taught the right way. I was very impressed with the passion and energy displayed by the Teachers of the Deaf. It was just what I had imagined it should be like. The amount of time and effort invested in each child was not the only outstanding part, the love the Teachers of the Deaf displayed towards the children was amazing. It gave a positive vibe that I know will surely enhance their learning abilities and will support and motivate them at the same time.


After a while, Avijit introduced himself to me. I was caught off guard because he was speaking in Bengali. Thankfully I was with a friend who knew Bengali and she acted as the translator for the evening. Avijit took me on a tour of the center and introduced me to all faculty and staff members. He explained the processes behind taking assessments and making an Individual Education Plans(IEP) for each child. He said that this would be reviewed every three months to make sure the child’s progress is tracked and the and that he/she receives the right kind of training. I have to say that I am immensely impressed and very happy to see such an organized system. VAANI is taking the right steps towards ensuring that a deaf child receives the best possible education available.


What caught my eye particularly was Kalpana, a Teacher of the Deaf. She had so much life, energy, positivity, love, and affection towards EVERY deaf individual. She is well trained and organized. She has day-to-day lesson plans with every child and briefs every parent, gently yet firmly, on how to teach their child on a daily basis. Hats off to her dedicated and passionate hard work. She is a very valuable asset to VAANI. Despite her speaking in Bengali, I could grasp the content of all the lessons.

I am extremely proud and happy to be a part of VAANI’s team and I am very impressed with the work VAANI does for deaf children.

I must say you have come a long way and the road will never end. Come what may, VAANI will always have my support.”

Nicholaus Nero – Communications Officer and Deaf Role Model.


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