Our First School Awareness Programme

The lovely folks at Urban Solace, a café in Bangalore, agreed to keep our donation box at their cash counter. But their generosity didn’t end there. They later invited Nicholaus, our Communication Officer and Deaf Role Model to speak about his journey with deafness during open mic night. Upon hearing Nicholaus’s story, one audience member, Sapana Singh Appiah, was so moved that she asked us if we could arrange for Nicholaus to speak at her children’s school. She then proceeded to talk to the Principal of Vidya Niketan School, Bangalore about her experience at the open mic night and told her how it may benefit the students to hear Nicholaus’s inspiring story. The Principal graciously agreed to have Nicholaus over to speak about his journey and achievements, and to raise awareness about deafness with all the children of the school during morning assembly.

We were ecstatic.

On the 12th of February, 2016, Nicholaus, sharply dressed in a white tuxedo, took to the stage in front of over 300 children. He began with a hint of nervousness, but quickly found his groove. Initially, we couldn’t tell whether the speech was having an effect on the children. But then, when he spoke of his various achievements, clapping ensued and we saw eyes light up; and then he danced. We saw kids cheering and jaws dropping.

What happened after his talk is what left us in awe.

Several kids came up to him to say hello, to get his autograph, to give him notes, and one even opened up his tiffin box and pulled out the one precious Ferrero Rocher chocolate she had and gifted it to Nicholaus! We could have never expected such a warm and enthusiastic response from the children.

It is amazing when events unfold unexpectedly and in delightful ways. We’re looking forward to taking the School Awareness Program forward and hope to have more such stories for you.


Nicholaus begins his speech by asking everyone if they could hear him


Students and teachers listen intently


Nicholaus performs a solo bachata dance for the kids


Kids crowd around Nicholaus to congratulate him on his recent achievements


A student gives Nicholaus a Ferrero Rocher chocolate


Aryan, an 8th Grade student at Vidya Niketan, writes Nichoulas a note and asks him for an autograph


Nicholaus and Aryan


Ms. Lalitha Desikan, the Principal of Vidya Niketan School who made it all happen and Ms. Nalini Ponappa, Joint Director of the school, with Nicholaus and Nishka Crishna, Deputy Director, VAANI


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