‘Super Minute’ Amulya


Amulya, 9 years old, is from Bagalgunte, Bangalore. She is in the 3rd standard and is a beneficiary of VAANI’s one-room Sadhan Resource Center. She comes from a middle-class family; her father, Mr. Satish, works in the administration department of Reliance and her mother, Mrs. Premalatha, is a home-maker. Amulya is the second child and she has an elder brother who is in the 8th standard.

During the initial months of her time at the Sadhan Resource Center, her communication was poor and there was no clarity in her speech. She largely used gestures to communicate. She was also enrolled in a Special School but she showed almost no progress there. The team at the Sadhan Resource Center began to counsel the parents and made them understand the importance of their role in Amulya’s life. With this inspiration and motivation, Amulya’s parents started to pay special attention to her specific learning needs. They focused on understanding her desires as a little girl, and enrolled her in dancing classes, which she absolutely loved. Amulya’s enthusiasm inspired her father to approach Reliance for help and they donated a hearing aid which she uses.

With support from the VAANI Team and her parents, Amulya participated in a popular show called ‘Super Minute’ on the Kannada TV Channel, Colours. Out of a 100 children she placed 5th and was selected for the show that was aired on TV. Being on TV boosted her confidence, and she now hopes to take part in many such challenging events. Her parents are now delighted and so very hopeful about Amulya’s future.


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