I Love to Dance

Bindhushree, or Bindhu as she is lovingly called, is 9 years old and has a penchant for dancing. She’s absolutely in love with dancing. But there’s one thing that makes her a unique dancer – young Bindhu is deaf. She was diagnosed with 100% hearing loss when she was just a year old. Her parents took her to CMC Hospital in Tamil Nadu when they realised she wasn’t responding to them calling out her or reacting to loud noises. At the CMC Hospital, Bindhu was given a hearing aid. However, her parents didn’t know what to do after that.  It clear to them that just wearing a hearing aid wasn’t going to change much.

Bindhu’s mother, Triveni, put Bindhu in a deaf school in Tumkur where she learnt about VAANI from Miss Hemamalini, a trainer at VAANI, who informed her about the various things that could be done to help her daughter communicate more effectively.  So, Triveni bought Bindhu to the VAANI Sadhan Centre and soon she noticed a difference in her daughter. Before she came to VAANI, Bindhu wasn’t really able to form or vocalise any word. But after being at VAANI, she is now able to say words like “amma”, “appa”, tamma” and “akka”. Her parents were sad at first about having a hearing impaired daughter, but now that she’s coming to VAANI, learning to communicate, and making progress, they are extremely happy. In fact, Bindhu’s mother, Triveni, wanted to share her learning and help other families with deaf kids, and works as a Community Mobiliser for VAANI.  She is now considered a local hero among many parents at the centre since she brought many of them here and introduced them to how much can actually be done for their deaf kids.

Bindhu has grown to be very independent. She does all the household work on her own and no longer depends on anyone anymore. She can now draw and colour. She can count as well as do basic math.  She also knows how to write in Kannada and English. These are just few of the many skills she’s developed after joining VAANI.

Bindhu is a budding dancer, regularly attending dance classes and building her love for this art form. She doesn’t let her hearing disability stop her from doing what she wants. She plays sports as well. Nothing can stop her now!

Her mom’s only complaint now is that she’s never at home! Why? Because she’s always outside playing with her friends and being carefree. So, what about the future? Well, Bindhu’s mom wants her to study well, go outside and make a life for herself. Her only wish is that Bindhu should become independent, self-reliant and make something of herself.

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