VAANI Deaf Children’s Foundation

Meet Vani…

Vani is a little deaf girl, bright, alert and just a little bit shy. She represents every Indian deaf child who is the direct beneficiary of all VAANI, Deaf Children’s Foundation’s activities.

She is our mascot.

VAANI, Deaf Children’s Foundation works with deaf children and their families in issues around childhood deafness. Our VISION is to advocate for the right of every deaf child to a full and complete life with respect and dignity.

VAANI means ‘eloquent in words, sound’. We believe that VAANI, Deaf Children’s Foundation stands for ‘sound of the soul’, and exists as a platform for deaf children and their families to make themselves heard.

This is our blog – the place where we keep you updated about whatever Little Vani is upto. Our blog is a peek into our world, the work we do, and who we are.

We hope you enjoy reading!


3 thoughts on “VAANI Deaf Children’s Foundation

    • VAANI believes in “informed choice”. Deaf individuals, their families and interested persons are given complete information on
      – all the communication options used by deaf persons
      – the prosthetic aids and support services that facilitate the use of these options
      – the advantages and difficulties associated with each option
      It is for deaf individuals and their families to select the option that is most suited to them. Little Vani supports the families with whatever choice they may make.

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