The Story of Trisha Paul


Trisha Paul is six and a half years old and lives with her parents and younger brother in Borpara, Boko of Kamrup district of Assam. When she was around a year old, her parents noticed that she had difficulty in hearing. Her deafness was medically confirmed when she was two years old and the family was advised that Trisha should use a hearing aid; but they could not afford it.

Trisha’s father runs a small tea shop in the village and her mother is a homemaker. Before joining VAANI, her parents and other residents of the village had little or no knowledge of deafness or how to treat a child with deafness. Trisha’s parents had many difficulties in communicating with her.

Trisha’s parents first came to know about VAANI through a local government Anganwadi worker in December 2014. She convinced them to attend a VAANI training programme conducted at Dakuapara AWC Sadhan Resource Center. Her case was carefully studied by the members of VAANI and a hearing aid was also provided to her through the camps organized by the SSA. Over the last 15 months, she and her mother have been regularly attending the Sadhan Centre sessions, which has greatly helped Trisha improve her vocabulary and communication skills. She can now communicate in full sentences, she can lip read with ease, and has also started attending regular school this year. Her parents have learnt to embrace Trisha’s disability and hope that she will one day become a contributing member of society.

In one year my daughter has changed! Her behaviour and attitude has changed and so has her communication skills. I am so happy to have met VAANI. The Centre has brought in light into our lives!” says Deepa Paul, mother of Trisha.


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